Chesham People
Friedl was one of the first friends
that Lyn made in Darmstadt. She
had escaped to England in the
thirties and returned to Darmstadt
after the war.
The eighteenth century area of
the cemetery.

The current burial area.


The avenue of stones
commemorating Jews who died
in Concentration camps.
Plaque recording the bravery of
a non-Jew, Oskar Werling, who
protected the cemetery from 1938-45.
At the end of the pleasant suburban road in Darmstadt where my sister lives , there is a walled Jewish cemetery, established in the eighteenth century on land which in those days lay outside a small village. It amazes me that this peaceful and well cared- for place should have survived through the horrors of the last century. It seems that the dead were not as reviled as the living. Click on a photograph for a larger view.

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